I decided it makes less sense to have everything under the “Mindcave Creations” brand since that’s not me, that’s not the personal touch I want to be known for. I want to be known as carnie littlefield, r. carnie littlefield or otherwise by my name in some way. Mindcave Creations has been a journey of work, of design, of blogs and websites and business.

I think the age of webdesign services has come to a close, with the advent of Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, and mainly WordPress.com and it’s myriad themes and hosted plugins that do pretty much everything you need.

The long and short of it is that I think web programming is the future, and I’m less a programmer than I am an artist… for now.

So for that, I’m putting my attention to my art. And under my own name.

I’ll have a site up at carnielittlefield.com soon enough. With plenty of personal art projects on there.


Thanks for reading!~

August 2015 – This blog is changing… a lot.

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